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Tax documents and fees

Fees for tax documents

If you need a tax receipt, duplicate tax bill or copies of any documents or receipts listed below please email or call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).

The fees schedule reflects the charges in accordance with the General Fees and Charges By-law.

Fees schedule Fee
Tax Receipt $25 per year
Local improvement details $25 per tax account
Returned Payment Fee $40 per cheque
Photocopy of Processed cheque $10 per cheque
Tax Certificate: Web electronic $55 per certificate
Tax Certificate: Mail or expedited $80 per certificate
Tax levy and payments information (prior years) $50 per year
Duplicate Tax Bill $25 per bill
Tax Statement $25 per statement
Tax Appeal Application, except 357(1)(d.1) $15 per application
Mortgage Company Administration Fee $6 per account/interim and final bill
Ownership Change Fee $30
Cheque Retrieval Fee* $20 per cheque
Addition to Tax Roll $50
Reminder Notice $5 per notice
New Account Administration Fee $50
Title Search $75 per title search
Tax Sale Registration $1,100
Tax Sale Final Notice $1,900
Tax Sale of Property $7,800 plus incurred advertising costs
Tax Sale Extension Agreement $1,100
Notice of interested Parties Fee $30 per notice
Bailiff Assignment Fee $50 per year assigned
Payment Redistribution Fee $40 per request
Defaulted POA Fines – Administration Fee $30 per fine
Final Notice Fee $20 per notice
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