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Track your building permit application

Check the status of your building permit application by visiting “Project info” in ePlans.

Each status, such as “application in progress,” “withheld” or “issued permit” indicates the stage your application has reached.

During the review stage, if your application has been withheld, we will send an email telling you what to do next. Until you receive this email you cannot upload any additional information or respond to any comments in ePlans.

However, you can visit “workflow – project status report” to view real time feedback from the review groups and see what additional information you will be required to submit.

If you applied for your building permit in person, check the status of your paper application in the building applications tool.

Contact your reviewer

The phone number and email address for each reviewer of your application is located on the first page of the “workflow – project status report” in ePlans.

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