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Display, revise, replace your building permit

Your building permit must be displayed at the construction site. You can request a revision of your permit or have it replaced if lost.

Display permit

The following items should be kept on site at all times during construction:

  • Approved drawings
  • Green building permit notice
  • Yellow building permit card (which should be displayed clearly on site)

Revise permit

If you have been issued a building permit but need to change your scope of work you’ll need either a “field revision” or a formal “revision application.”

Talk to your inspector to find out what type of revision you’ll require.

Formal revision applications should be submitted as a new request in ePlans. When creating the request refer to your original building permit number and use the description “REVISION TO 18-####.” Additional fees will be required.

Replace permit

If you lose your building permit you can request a duplicate. Call 905-615-4311 for more information.

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