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Request an environmental search of a building’s history

You can request an environmental search of a building’s history from Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES).

We’ll perform a detailed search of our dispatch database and records, which date back to 1993, to see if we’ve ever responded to a call at an address for the following reasons:

  • Structural fire
  • Major or minor spill of hazardous materials
  • Unknown materials call (potentially hazardous but unknown material on premises)

We’ll also review our property files to search for previous uses of a building, including the installation of storage or spill tanks, which could indicate hazardous materials being on the premises.

Finally, we’ll review the Mississauga Approval Xpress (MAX) database to see if there’s any of the following:

  • Outstanding building permits or permit applications involving a fire department plan review or inspection
  • Previously issued tank permits
  • Outstanding fire department notices or orders under the Ontario Fire Code, Ontario Building Code and local bylaws

If requested, we can also look at the last time a building had a fire prevention inspection.

Fees and how to apply

You’ll need written permission from the current property owner before you can apply for an environmental search. Each search costs $145.70 (not including HST).

To apply for an environmental search contact our Fire Prevention Division on 905-896-5908 or email

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