Temporary patio program

The temporary patio program started on July 8, 2020. Restaurants and bars with a valid 2022 or 2023 business licence can expand outdoor seating and dining areas to help meet COVID-19 safety guidelines.

You need a permit to install a temporary patio on a municipal road or a municipal parking lot.

Permits will not be granted for temporary patios on municipal roads with posted speed limits over 50 km/h.

There is no fee for a new application. All temporary patios on the municipal right-of-way are subject to enforcement.

Patio construction

If you require any construction for your temporary patio, such as building a wood platform, you must enter an encroachment agreement. For more information, email realtyservices@mississauga.ca or call 905.615.3200 ext. 5428.

Any platform that is higher than two feet above the average grade will also require a building permit.

How to apply

Application checklist

Your application package must include these four documents:

  1. A completed Temporary Patio Permit Application form
  2. A completed Certificate of Insurance – Standard Liability form
    • The Owner/Occupancy must maintain a commercial general liability policy that includes host liquor liability (if applicable) of at least $5 million as well as property insurance coverage in amounts required to adequately cover the owner’s property, equipment and other such property in the care, custody and control of the City
    • The policy shall contain a waiver of rights of subrogation against the City and will ensure the City is added as an additional insured party under said policies to insure the City to the same extent as the Owner/Occupant
    • The Owner/Occupant shall deliver to the City, an executed City of Mississauga certificate of insurance.The form must be completed by your insurance company and include an original stamp and signature.
    • The liability insurance coverage must extend for the entire duration of the application period (e.g. date of application to December 31, 2023). The completed insurance form can be scanned and submitted to the City via email as part of the application submission package.
  3. A signed Acknowledgement and Authorization form
    • If the Applicant does not own the property that will benefit from the temporary patio, the Applicant must enclose an affidavit signed by the registered property owner attesting to the fact that the applicant is authorized to represent the property owner

A sketch of the temporary patio encroachment, including:

  • The property address and the appropriate dimensions as described in the General Business Requirements, Safety Requirements and Additional Safety Requirements
  • The distance from the edges of the proposed patio to the nearest above-ground obstruction such as, the curb line, fire hydrants, street lighting, traffic signal and other utility poles, sign posts, parking meters, trees, bus stop, etc.
  • The distance from the edge of the patio to the property line of adjacent tenant spaces
  • If proposed, location of heating device(s) and distance from any tent(s) and surrounding structures/buildings. You are to specify type and number of heating device(s); and specify location of fire extinguisher(s).
  • If proposed, sketch of the location of tent(s) including measurements

Application process

  1. Review the Guidelines for Temporary Patios in the Public Right of Way:
    • General Business Requirements
    • Safety Requirements
    • Additional Safety Requirements based on the nature of your proposal
    • Specific Requirements for Temporary Tents/Covered Areas
    • Specific Requirements for Heating Devices
  1. Complete the four required documents listed in the application package checklist:
  1. Email your completed application package to temporarypatio@mississauga.ca. Incomplete or inaccurate applications will not be processed.

Temporary patios shall only be permitted for restaurants and bars in possession of a valid 2022 or 2023 business operating license.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved by the City, you can install your temporary patio starting on the effective date listed on your permit. If there are impacts to sidewalk access and the City has to install traffic safety barriers or ramps, the permit will go into effect only after these measures have been installed.


Fees are waived for temporary patio permits.

Inspections and occupancy

  • Peel Public Health officials are authorized to inspect all temporary patios and require adjustments to the patio in order to address compliance with public health and safety standards with regards to restaurant operations and physical distancing standards
  • The City may conduct audit inspections of patios to ensure compliance with the outlined general safety requirements and permit terms and conditions

No permit is required for temporary patios on private lands. However, restaurants should get permission from the property owner or property manager before installing a patio.

Your patio must adhere to design requirements and comply with the zoning regulations for temporary patios. These include:

  1. Patios not permitted on required landscaped areas or landscaped buffers
  2. Patios must maintain a setback of 6.0 m (19.7 ft.) from residential zones
  3. Patios may occupy up to 50% of required parking spaces but not accessible parking spaces
  4. Patios may not obstruct a driveway or parking aisle
  5. Restaurants must make sure fire routes are clear and not blocked.

Contact us

If you need more information or have questions about temporary patio permits, email temporarypatio@mississauga.ca or call 905-615-3200 ext. 3039.