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Condominum applications

Under the Ontario Condominium Act, municipalities are required to review and approve applications to create both new condominiums and the conversion of existing rental units to condominium status.

In the City of Mississauga, owners of rental residential buildings are required to submit an acknowledgement indicating that all requirements under the Residential Tenancies Act, have been satisfied before the City will accept an application to convert any type of residential unit to condominium status.

Standard condominium

  • This type of condominium consists of buildings that are subdivided into units, exclusive use areas and common elements

  • Exclusive use areas include patios, balconies, driveways associated with a unit

  • Common elements include hallways, recreational facilities, exterior lighting, walkways and visitor parking areas.

Phased condominium

  • A standard condominium is registered in phases under one condominium corporation. It is developed in stages, and increases in size until the project is complete.

Common elements condominium

  • A common element condominium is comprised only of common elements such as a road, visitor parking spaces, grounds and walkways that belong to all owners.

  • The dwelling units are attached to the condominium as parcels of tied land (POTLs) but do not form part of the condominium corporation

Vacant land condominium

  • Vacant land condominiums are comprised of vacant lots upon which dwelling units are built. They share common elements such as the condominium road.

Prior to the submission of all condominium applications required site plan application must be at the stage where layout of the development, including the number, size and location of units, location of the road and all amenities has been approved.

The City of Mississauga requires that lands which are to be developed as common element or vacant land condominiums go through the rezoning, and where applicable, the subdivision processes.

A public meeting is held during the rezoning process, which may satisfy the public meeting requirement under the Planning Act for common element and vacant land condominiums

Please review the Condominium Application Guide which lists the applicable fees and the required materials. All registered owners of the application lands must sign both the application form and the draft condominium plan.

Contact City staff prior to submitting an application for either a common elements or vacant land condominium, as staff will advise if the required public meeting can be waived. A waiver must be issued prior to the submission of a condominium application.

The completed application is to be submitted, preferably in person, to:

Development Services
Planning and Building Department
Mississauga City Hall
3rd Floor Customer Service Centre
300 City Centre Drive
Mississauga, ON L5B 3C1

  • Application is reviewed for completeness

  • Confirmation received that site plan approval is satisfactory

  • Application circulated to internal and external agencies such as:

    • Zoning Section

    • Development and Design Division

    • Fire

    • Transportation and Works Department

    • Tax

    • Community Service Department

    • Legal Services

    • Region of Peel

    • Bell

    • Canada Post

    • Rogers

    • Conservation Authorities (where applicable)

    • School Boards

    • Hydro Mississauga

    • GTAA (where applicable)

  • Comments/conditions of draft approval received

  • Applicant advised of comments requiring additional information or changes to the draft condominium plan

  • Once all comments have been received, the conditions of draft approval are prepared and the City issues a notice of draft approval

  • A 20 day appeal period commences following the issuance of the notice of draft approval – the applicant, a commenting agency or a member of the public may appeal the City’s decision to draft approve to the Ontario Municipal Board

  • After the appeal period has expired the City will issue a notice of confirmation of draft approval

  • When the City is in receipt of all the conditions of draft approval written clearances, the Commissioner of Planning and Building will sign off on the condominium plan and the signed plan will be forwarded to the Land Registry Office for registration

  • The process may time anywhere from 6 months to 2 years or longer, depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of time that the applicant takes to clear the conditions of draft approval

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