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Family fun

As we wait to see each other again the City of Mississauga Recreation program team put together a variety of fun and easy recreational activities to do at home. We hope these activities encourage you to stay active, be creative and have fun.

Active game: Let’s Play BINGO

This game will keep everyone moving and working as a team. Organize your team so everyone gets to play and contribute to the goal to complete. Lots of activities, opportunities and alone or together. Remember to shout BINGO!

Active game: “I spy with my little eye” scavenger hunt

Challenge yourself or play as a family. Think of ways to add a twist like set a time limit, pick a hunt room or take the game outdoors.

Sports activity: Tabletop hockey

Score some fun with this activity you can play at the kitchen or dining room table.

Sports activity: Toilet Paper Challenge

Test your balance, agility, and coordination with a household object you wouldn’t have guessed you’d have this much fun with! Get ready to challenge yourself or others in your house or online. If you post a challenge online, be sure to include #StayHomeStayActive #toiletpaperchallenge

Toilet Paper Challenge

Toilet Paper Challenge while holding baby

Sports activity: Basketball

Adapt your child’s favourite outdoor sports games to be indoor friendly. Get ready for plenty of sweaty fun.

  • Grab some laundry baskets, buckets or boxes and place them on the floor or figure out how to hang them from a door handle.
  • Make-shift your own balls with a wad of newspaper, bean bags, soft toys, or rolled-up socks.
  • See who can make the farthest shot.
  • Set-up lines of tape to see how many shots you can make from each one.
  • Set a timer for 1 minute and challenge yourself to make as many baskets as you can (running to retrieve the ball after each missed shot)

Sports Activity: Figure Skating

Clear an area on your floor (you can even “rope” off an actual “rink” if you’d like), grab your hat and mittens, and pretend you’re gliding across the ice. There’s several fun ways to make it feel as real as possible:

  • Use dryer sheets — they provide just the right amount of slide and won’t scratch the floors
  • Paper Plate: Get 2 paper plates, step on them with bare feet (they’ll “stick” better), and then slide away.
  • Put a pair of wool-like mittens on your feet (kids think this is pretty silly which adds to the fun)
  • Construct wax paper booties using string or tape
  • Save old tissue boxes and simply place your feet through the opening


Art project: Timmy the Turtle

This cute activity is easy to do and when finished, fun to play with too.

Art project: Grass Caterpillar

Create your own grass caterpillar that you can leave on your windowsill, or put in your garden.

Colouring activity: BraeBen Golf Course

Did you know Braeben Golf Course is located on the highest point of land in Mississauga? Colour the location and draw yourself making an amazing putt. Find out more about this unique golf course in our city

Colouring activity: Lake Aquitaine

Do you know where Lake Aquitaine is in Mississauga? Colour this scene and draw yourself enjoying the view. Check out where you can find this beautiful man-made lake and trails here.

Art project: Nature Name Art

Find bits and pieces of nature and spell out your name. Post your natural art piece using #StayhomeStayActive

Colouring activity: Kariya Park

Get ready with your coloured pencils, markers and crayons to colour your very own Kariya Park or draw a picture of a cherry blossom tree. We want to see your design so why not post it! Don’t forget to include #StayHomeStayActive

The City of Mississauga’s beautiful cherry blossoms in Kariya Park are expected to be in full bloom in the coming weeks. Although we won’t be able to visit in person, we can admire the blossoming trees via the City’s new blossom webcam.

Watch the virtual experience here

Art project: Art with ordinary objects

What artful masterpiece can you create with a pair of scissors, a paperclip, a spoon or a shoelace? Let your imagination go wild and create unique art with ordinary objects.

Word search: Spring

Search for words that reminds us that spring, nice weather and playing outside has arrived!

Make your own: Stop Motion Video

You can make your own movie – it’s easier than you think!

Create: An Origami hat

Origami comes from the Japanese words: “ori” (root verb “oru”), meaning to fold, and “kami”, meaning paper. Have fun with this paper folding activity and follow the detailed instruction with pictures.

Make: Your own Ocean

Find out how you can create an ‘ocean’ with very simple ingredients.

Build your own: Time capsule

Remember this moment with a keepsake to look back on. Build your own time capsule on your own or as a family.

Challenge activity: Puzzle piece hunt

This challenging activity will get kids moving and their brains working at the same time; Return each piece to the puzzle board, build a jigsaw puzzle, discover a secret message or solve a math problem.

Recipe: Peanut Butter Banana Pinwheels

Enjoy this delicious recipe for breakfast or anytime throughout the day as a snack!

Recipe: Pancake muffins

Kids will enjoy making these fun and simple muffins. Get creative with the toppings, make a few extra to give away or freeze some to eat later.

Recipe: Favourite Pink Smoothie

You are going to love this delicious smoothie!

Recipe: Egg-in-a-hole french toast grilled cheese

This is a yummy sandwich that can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch or dinner. Make this as a special treat anytime.

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