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Our therapeutic programs are designed for anyone who wants gentle fitness, is living with chronic disease, recovering from an injury or surgery after completing the required rehabilitation, or are advised to be physically active by a doctor.


Here’s a look at some of the types of programs you can find at our locations:

Health condition

Safe and gentle classes help manage chronic pain and conditions. Programs build strength, stamina and stability for those living with arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions and more.

Injury recovery

These classes are designed to assist in your recovery, bridging the gap between clinical therapy and traditional exercise. They are also effective for building strength and balance to help avoid injury.

General workout

Gentle classes designed with options help you move at a comfortable pace in water and on land. Therapeutic programs offered in warm water pools include Better Backs and Aqua Cycle. Land programs such as yoga and Zumba offer standing and seated options for ease of participation.

Flexibility and relaxation

These classes focus on posture, range of motion, overall balance and health. Classes including ai chi, pilates and yoga focus on flexibility and relaxation.

Personal training

A highly qualified and certified personal trainer will work with you to customize an exercise program based on your goals and health conditions. Trainers provide motivation and safe direction in training sessions available on both land and in water.

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