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Two kids sitting on the ice smiling

Skating and hockey

All summer 2020 drop in programs and skating lessons are cancelled.

Register for basic or advanced ice skating lessons to fit your age and skill level. Lessons are offered at arenas in the City. Some programs may have specific requirements.

Explore the drop in skating and hockey programs available using the Active Mississauga website.

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Ice skating programs

Learn the basics of skating on ice or improve your skating skills. Group or private lessons are offered for most ages and ability levels.

Leather hockey skates or figure skates with laces are recommended. If a helmet is required, it must be a CSA approved hockey helmet. Plastic skates or those with straps, buckles or adjustable to different sizes are not recommended.

Here’s a look at some of the types of programs you can find at our locations:

Ages 3 to 5

Children learn basic ice skating skills. Some classes may require an adult to skate with the child on ice.

Ages 6 to 12

Beginners learn basics like forward skating, how to stop and turn. Experienced skaters can improve their skills and learn crossovers, turns and spins. A program for children with special needs is also available. Group or private lessons are also available.

Ages 13 to 17

Beginner or experienced skaters can progress at their own pace. Learn how to stop, skate backwards or work on figure skating skills like turns, jumps and spins. Group or private lessons are also available.

Ages 18 and up

Learn skills like forward and backward skating, turns, stopping and more. A program for adults with special needs is also available.

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