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The City’s fee assistance program ActiveAssist gives residents in low-income households and newcomers with refugee status access to recreation and culture programs.

Our application process has been updated as a result of facility closures due to Covid-19.

For information on how to apply for Active Assist during facility closures please call Customer Service Centre at  905-615- 4100 and select Opt 1 for Registration or by email

Who can apply

We use the Statistics Canada low income cut-offs to determine who is eligible for fee assistance.

Each eligible family member on your application will receive a non-refundable credit of $275 that’s valid for one year. You can apply and receive your credit once per year. Applications for anyone under 18 years old need to be filled out and signed by their parent or guardian.

You are not eligible for fee assistance if you are:

    • A full-time college or university student with no children
    • Already receiving another City fee assistance program (such as the Jerry Love Children’s Fund)

Current low income cutoffs

This information was updated June 17, 2020.

Family size Income after tax
1 person $21,899
2 persons $26,653
3 persons $33,189
4 persons $41,406
5 persons $47,148
6 persons $52,289
7 persons or more $57,429

How to apply

Print and complete the Recreation Fee Assistance Application and bring it to your local community centre or the Customer Service Centre at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre.

You’ll need to provide one or more original current supporting documents ( also found on page 2 of the application form) when you submit your application in-person.

We’ll process your application within 15 business days of receiving it. Once your application is approved you’ll receive a letter in the mail with your account start date and registration information.

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