Fall 2022 Programs are now available to preview on our new Active Mississauga system. Enrollment for programs will begin September 12 for residents and September 14 for non-residents.  Fall 2022 registered programs begin September 24.


The City’s fee assistance program ActiveAssist gives residents in low-income households and newcomers with refugee status access to recreation and culture programs. Now available apply online.

Who can apply

This program is available to Mississauga residents applying as:

  • an individual or family without dependents under the age of 18: you must provide documentation to show net individual/combined family income below the Low Income Cut Off amounts (LICO Statistics Canada).
  • a family with dependants under the age of 18: you must provide documentation to show combined net family income below the Low Income Cut Off amounts (LICO Statistics Canada) and indicates dependants (i.e. Canada Child Benefits forms).
  • a newcomer with refugee status: you must provide documentation with refugee status using one of the following (any of the below documents must be issued within one year); Confirmation of Permanent Residency, Refugee Protection Claimant Document, or (new in 2022) a document issued under a special program of the IRC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) such as a visa issued under CUAET (Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel)

Each eligible family member listed on the application will receive a non-refundable credit of $275 that’s valid for one year. Applicants must reapply and provide supporting documents on an annual basis.

You are not eligible for fee assistance if you are:

  • a child under the age of 18; a parent or legal guardian must complete an application with them
  • a full-time college or university student with no dependents
  • already receiving another City fee assistance program (such as the Jerry Love Children’s Fund)

Current low-income cutoffs

This information was updated on May 12, 2022.

Family size Income after tax
1 person $22,801
2 persons $27,750
3 persons $34,555
4 persons $43,110
5 persons $49,090
6 persons $54,442
7 persons or more $59,794

How to apply

Complete the fee assistance program application at your local community centre or apply online.

You’ll need to provide one or more original current supporting documents when you submit your application.

We’ll process your application within 15 business days of receiving it. Once your application is approved you’ll receive an email with your account start date and registration information.