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Swim membership

Do you like to swim and skate? Enjoy a variety of fun, lane and leisure swims for all ages and skill levels. If you prefer skating, all fun skates are also included.

  • Valid at all 11 indoor pools
  • 7 seasonal outdoor pools
  • 10 arenas
  • Unlimited drop in recreational swims (except therapeutic times)
  • Unlimited drop in recreational skates (except hockey stick & puck or shinny)
  • Accessible pool equipment & change rooms

How much it costs

Choose from 12 month, 3 month or 1 month membership options. Multi-visit passes are also available for those who like to drop in.

Discounted rates apply for youths (10-17 years), full-time students, older adults (65 and above) and persons with a disability. Proof is required for discounted rates.

Swim membership rates

Type of membership 12 months 3 months 1 month Multi-visit (five or more visits) Single visit
Adult $192 $64 $25 $3.45 per visit $3.80 per visit
Youth $153.60 $51.20 $20.00 $2.75 per visit $3.05 per visit
Full-time students $153.60 $51.20 $20.00 $2.75 per visit $3.05 per visit
Older adults $153.60 $51.20 $20.00 $2.75 per visit $3.05 per visit
Person with disability $153.60 $51.20 $20.00 $2.75 per visit $3.05 per visit
Group $604.80 $201.60 $78.75 N/A $12 per visit
  • All prices exclude tax and non-resident fee
  • Children three and under swim for free
  • Groups are a combination of adults and/or children (maximum of five per group)
  • Anyone entering the pool area must pay admission

To purchase a swim membership or a multi-visit pass, please visit your nearest community centre. Adult swim memberships, and adult single and multi-visit passes, can also be bought online.

If you’re not satisfied or need to cancel your membership, you may do so at any time and receive a pro-rated refund, minus a $10 administration fee.

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