Mississauga Official Plan

Mississauga Official Plan guides how the City will grow and develop, as required by the Ontario Planning Act. The goals and policies of this Official Plan are intended to be achieved over 25 years, by 2031.

The Official Plan provides the basis for Mississauga’s land use and urban design, in line with the City’s Strategic Plan. Its policies address important parts of city-building that affect everyone that lives and works in Mississauga, including transportation, housing, culture and heritage, the environment, and the economy.

The Official Plan also sets standards for the review and approval of development applications in the City.

Official Plan review

Every 10 years the City reviews and updates the plan with ideas and guidance from the community, and we want to hear from you.

Tell us how you want Mississauga to improve in the future or ask us a question at yoursay.mississauga.ca.

Mississauga Official Plan – March 4, 2024

The most recent office consolidation of Mississauga Official Plan is updated to March 4, 2024. It includes Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) decisions and City Council approved Official Plan Amendments up to this date. It also shows City-wide and site specific appeals to the Plan.

The office consolidation is prepared for the purpose of convenience only. For accurate reference, the original Plan as approved by the Region, Ontario Land Tribunal decisions and amendments to the Plan should be consulted.

Unconsolidated Official Plan Amendments

Amendments that have been approved by Council as well as appeal activity since March 4, 2024 are outlined in the List of Unconsolidated Official Plan Amendments and OLT Decisions.

How to read the Plan

To understand the planning rationale and policy objectives of Mississauga Official Plan, it should be read in its entirety and all relevant text, tables and schedules are to be applied to each situation.

For information about the office consolidation of Mississauga Official Plan, including approvals, amendments, appeals and in effect policies, the following Office Consolidation and Information Tracking section has been created. It is for convenience only and is not considered part of Mississauga Official Plan.

Mississauga Official Plan, March 4, 2024 office consolidation

Some of these PDF files are large and may take some time to download. For best quality, print in colour.

Land use designations

For land use information about your property, locate your property on the land use designations map (Schedule 10 – Land Use Designations):

Map of land use designations

Contact us

To find out more information about the Official Plan, contact Planner, Amina Menkad at 905-615-3200 extension 5545 or email amina.menkad@mississauga.ca.

For specific property and zoning information, call 311 (905-615-4311 outside City limits).