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Burnhamthorpe Community Centre renovation

The City is renovating and building a new addition to the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre to meet the needs of the community.

Burnhamthorpe Community Centre, located on the eastern edge of Mississauga on Gulleden Drive, will undergo a redevelopment to improve the quality of recreational services provided to residents.

The addition will feature a new state-of-the-art aquatic centre, as well as an equipment based fitness centre.  Due to site constraints and design requirements, the addition will be connected to the north side of the existing building, which includes the area on the northeast corner, currently occupied by the Burnhamthorpe outdoor rink. Subject to community consultation, a new refrigerated rink will be added to Gulleden Park as part of the planned park redevelopment that is aligned with the building’s re-opening. The redevelopment of the Community Centre will also include renovations of the existing spaces, including the gym, multipurpose rooms, Chic Murray indoor arena and public spaces.

Although the facility will be closed as of March 21, 2021, many services will continue to be available to the community. In addition to nearby community centres such as Mississauga Valley Community Centre and Frank McKechnie Community Centre, Glenforest School Pool, Applewood Outdoor Pool, and Tomken Twin Arena – we will be looking to provide outdoor programming. While programming is dependent on community interest and what is permitted by the Provincial Regulations, the following schedules are tentatively planned for various activities:

Ongoing work that residents may notice include soil compaction, trenching, concrete finishing and crane work. There will be a generator on site starting on Monday, August 19, 2022 to maintain the power on site while electrical upgrades to the building are completed. There will be some additional noise during the day and overnight due to the generator running for the remainder of September 2022.


The City of Mississauga is renovating and building a new addition to Burnhamthorpe Community Centre to meet the needs of the community by constructing a new aquatic and fitness center as well as improving infrastructure to address population growth and changing demographics in the area. The project will aim to serve the community through improving the quality of recreational services and implementing higher accessibility and green building standards.

Public engagement

Gulleden Park

A resident survey to understand what type of park experience and amenities would best serve the community was conducted in March 2021. There will be other opportunities to participate in the future through feedback on park designs as they evolve. Residents may sign up to receive news alerts on the Gulleden Park project page.

Public engagement

The redevelopment of the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre was informed by several community engagement exercises, including Recreation’s Future Directions Master Plan (2019), Youth Plan and Older Adult Plan consultations. Additionally, a public information session was held on the outdoor rink at Burnhamthorpe Community Centre on Thursday, October 1, 2020 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Feedback from residents who joined us at this info session was appreciated, collected, and consolidated.


The existing community centre and indoor Chic Murray Arena was built in 1974. A major gym expansion was completed in 2004 and the centre has been enjoyed by many residents over the years.

In accordance with the City of Mississauga’s Strategic Plan, this renovation will provide improved infrastructure for Mississauga’s citizens for generations to come and follow the City’s design principles to integrate sound, functional, accessible and attractive buildings, facilities, public and open spaces to build a City for the 21st century.

Learn more about the City’s Recreation Master plan.


  • Improve the quality of recreational services provided to the residents of Mississauga to achieve the City’s goal of providing access to quality recreational facilities in order to maintain healthy lifestyles
  • Address the aging state of municipal infrastructure and implement lifecycle upgrades
  • Improve accessibility and energy efficiency to meet the City’s accessibility goals and Mississauga’s Green Building standard
  • Design with an environmentally responsible approach and achieve LEED Silver Standards
  • Develop a site that meets Mississauga accessibility requirements and improve building circulation through enhanced accessibility, wayfinding and connectivity between program spaces
  • Alleviate pressure on existing recreational infrastructure by addressing population growth, changing demographics and cultural diversity
  • Create strong linkages between indoor and outdoor activity spaces and introduce daylight throughout the building
  • Establish a clear, strong entrance identity and convenient location for pedestrians and motorists accessing the building
  • Meet the increasing demand for aquatics in the area


Once completed, residents will enjoy the benefits of:

  • New equipment-based fitness centre
    • Cardio machines, weights, and fitness studio with wood sprung floor
  • New aquatics centre
    • 25 meter six lane pool
    • Warm water therapy pool
    • New multi-purpose space for swim parties and other functions
  • Enhancements to existing multi-purpose spaces to improve social and recreation opportunities for the community
  • Renovations to areas of the gymnasium as well as Chic Murray indoor arena
  • Facility design modernization and improved accessibility within the building
  • Improved front entrance and access from the parking lot
  • Upgrades to exterior identity
  • New green space and improved connection to Jaycee Park
  • Improved sustainable and accessible design standards
  1. 1
    Facility closed to the public

    March 21, 2021

  2. 2

    April 2021 - Building and site closed during construction

  3. 3
    Open to the public

    Spring or summer 2023


There are currently 11 indoor pools in Mississauga operated by the City. The primary pool for Ward 3 residents is the Glen Forest School pool. This pool is approximately 50 years old, does not meet current accessibility standards and would require millions of dollars of upgrades to improve.

The City and our residents have been planning for several years to decommission this school pool and renovate the Burnhamthorpe Community Centre to add a much-needed, improved aquatics facility.

With aging demographics, the new warm water therapeutic pool will provide additional benefits, providing opportunities for rehabilitation and physical activity to promote well-being for the aging population.

The renovation project has been discussed publicly at Council, Budget Committee and at various meetings and consultations at Burnhamthorpe Community Centre for many years (including community consultation on Recreation’s Future Directions Master Plan, Youth Plan and Older Adult Plan).

Additionally, a public information session was held on October 1, 2020.

Once Council approved funding for the project and the design commenced, it became clear that the outdoor rink would have to be removed to make room for the complete community centre that will benefit so many residents. City staff carefully reviewed the impact of removing the outdoor rink, and our review noted that the rink only operates about four months per year and drop-in programming has an overall fill rate of only 30%. The recommendation to remove the outdoor rink was supported by staff; while the rink serves on average 500 visitors per week for four months, the newly expanded areas of the community centre (pool, therapy tank and fitness centre) will serve 6,000 visitors per week year round. While the decision was informed by the design and site requirements, it was supported by the fact that the outdoor rink equipment has come to the end of its lifecycle as well, requiring significant capital improvements.

As a result of Covid restrictions, we have seen an increased demand for public skating and residents have indicated a desire to replace the outdoor rink at a new location. Subject to community consultation, a new refrigerated rink will be considered for the nearby Gulleden Park as part of the planned park redevelopment immediately following the Community Centre project.

Yes, the indoor rink (Chic Murray Arena) remains a significant amenity within the community centre.

Improvements will be made to the indoor arena at Burnhamthorpe Community Centre and residents will continue to have access to a total of 23 pads of ice across the City.

Based on the declining utilization of arenas in Mississauga, which is a trend that all of the GTA is seeing, we will continue to be able to meet the demand with this inventory.

Subject to community consultation, a new refrigerated rink will be considered for the nearby Gulleden Park as part of the planned park redevelopment.

While not refrigerated plants, we also offer free access to approximately 25 natural rinks city-wide in partnership with local communities.

Yes, multiple design options were considered as we had hoped to keep the Burnhamthorpe Outdoor Rink.  However due to site challenges with grading and limited space to expand, the design required the addition to be attached to the north-east side of the building.

We understand that a key benefit of the outdoor rink has been the free drop-in programming, so upon re-opening we are committed to offering comparable free and low cost drop-in programming at the indoor arena.

We will continue our efforts to offer options to keep skating accessible and affordable.

Subject to community consultation, a new refrigerated rink will be considered for the nearby Gulleden Park as part of the planned park redevelopment.

The project’s Corporate Green Building Standard initiatives are projected to achieve LEVEL 1 targets.

Some of the features include:

  • Increased roof and wall assembly insulation for better thermal performance
  • Installation of high efficiency HVAC equipment to reduce energy consumption
  • Installation of new high efficiency snow melt system for indoor arena with heat recovery
  • Incorporation of Bicycle infrastructure
  • Bird-friendly glazing
  • Construction waste management : Aiming for 75% diversion rate of the total construction and demolition materials for minimum of 3 material streams
  • Storm water management carried with Flow Control Roof Drain system
  • Use of Low-impact material with Low/No VOC materials

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