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How to use the trip planner

MiWay is now using Triplinx, the official trip planner for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). Triplinx is also available as an Android app or iOS app.

Metrolinx developed this trip planner in collaboration with MiWay and other transit systems in the GTHA. It includes schedules and routes from other transit systems as well as MiWay.

To favourite frequently used stops and routes, you must create an account on the Triplinx website, or in the Triplinx app on your phone. You can’t favourite stops or routes from MiWay’s website.


Save frequently used stops, routes, or trips

If you use a particular bus stop or route frequently, you can save them as favourites for quick access by creating a Triplinx account on the Triplinx website or in the Android app or iOS app.

You can also access your favourites from your phone, tablet or computer and get alerts about disruptions effecting your favourite stops and routes.

Create an account

If you’re using a web browser, visit the Triplinx website and enter your name, email and create a password to sign up as a Triplinx member.

If you’re using the app, open the menu in the top left corner of the app screen and enter your email and create a password.

Manage your favourites

Search for a stop or route and use the star button to add it to your favourites.

You can manage your favourites and alerts settings under the favourites tab in the app, or under your account settings in the browser.

Check updates in real time

Triplinx displays real time updates, since it’s powered by MiWay’s real-time bus GPS data.

To keep up to date on alerts and future route changes, check our service updates page.

Search for your bus stop

When you’re at your stop you can turn on location services so Triplinx can display the schedule for your stop.

If you’re planning ahead, type in the location of your station or stop under “Schedules by Stop” on our home page.

MiWay and other GTHA transit systems identify their bus stops with four-digit numbers. Triplinx does not display the bus stop numbers.

MiWay bus stop numbers are shown in other third party trip planners like the Transit app and Google maps.

To find bus schedules using a four-digit MiWay bus stop number, please call Citylink – our 24-hour automated telephone system at 905-615-4287.