Service Update – Jan. 17, 2021 at 1:30pm: the Kipling bus terminal is open but buses are unable to enter the terminal. MiWay buses are on detour, travelling on The East Mall, then to Bloor Street and back west to The West Mall.

Also, due to extreme delays, real time information is not available on some routes. Only scheduled times are available and buses are delayed. Thank you for your patience.

Fare prices

As of Jan. 1, 2022, MiWay will no longer sell Senior ID cards. Seniors can use their valid government-issued photo ID when boarding the bus, if asked to show proof of age.

MiWay cannot give you change for cash fares. If you need a paper transfer, ask the operator when you pay your fare.

Fare prices are calculated by age. Children are ages 6 to 12, youth are 13 to 19 and seniors are 65 or older.

MiWay regular tickets are not accepted. Special purpose tickets continue to be accepted.

Type of fare Adult price Senior age 65+ price
Cash single fare

Exact cash fare only – MiWay cannot provide change

$4 $1 (valid on weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 5:59 a.m. Valid all day on weekends and holidays.)
PRESTO single fare $3.10 $2.10
PRESTO MiWay monthly pass $135 $65
GO Transit Co-fare $0.80 $0.80

PRESTO Loyalty Program

Once you pay for 12 rides during any one week (Monday to Sunday) using your PRESTO card, you can ride free on MiWay for the remainder of the week.

Note: Fares paid on other transit services and discounted GO co-fare payments do not count toward this program. Transfers do not count as additional paid fares.

Seniors age 65+

If you’re 65 or older, you may be asked to show valid government-issued photo ID when you board the bus.

Person with vision loss

People with vision loss can ride MiWay for free by showing a valid CNIB card.

Support person

If you’re a CNIB card holder or a person with a disability travelling with a support person, you only need to pay a single fare. Tell the operator when you board the bus if you’re travelling with a support person.

For information on a support person, please visit our Accessible Services page.

Canadian Forces veterans

Canadian Forces veterans and a friend may ride free on MiWay on the day of the Warriors’ Day Parade and on Remembrance Day, November 11.

Veterans should wear items such as uniforms, medals or carry items that identify them as veterans to transit operators. As a mark of respect to Canadian veterans, all transit operators will stop their buses for two minutes of silence at 11 a.m. on November 11.

Type of fare Youth age 13 to 19 price
Cash single fare

Exact cash fare only – MiWay cannot provide change

PRESTO single fare $2.35
GO Transit Co-fare $0.80

You may be asked to show ID that proves your age when boarding the bus.

More Flexible than a Monthly Pass

MiWay’s PRESTO Loyalty Program is a more flexible and cost-effective option for youth compared to a monthly pass. For example, after they pay for 12 rides ($2.35 x 12 = $28.20) using a PRESTO card during any one week (Monday to Sunday), they ride free for the rest of the week. After four weeks, the cost is only $112.80.

They don’t have to commit to the full upfront cost of a monthly pass. MiWay’s PRESTO loyalty program allows them to pay their fare as needed, offering flexibility as travel needs can change due to incidental days such as PA days, sick days, snow days or school breaks.


University of Toronto Mississauga students qualify for a U-Pass.

Youth ages 12 to 14 can use a Freedom Pass during the summer to ride MiWay and visit indoor and outdoor public pools for free.

Type of fare Child age 6 to 12 price
Cash single fare

Exact cash fare only – MiWay cannot provide change

PRESTO single fare $1.75

Children ages 5 and under can ride MiWay for free when accompanied by a fare paying customer.

GO Transit Co-fare

If you’re using a PRESTO card, you automatically pay $0.80 for a single fare on MiWay when connecting with GO Transit. Your transfer will be active for three hours from when you first tap your card on the MiWay bus, GO train or GO bus.

Additional fare for TTC 52 Lawrence West route

When travelling on this route between Mississauga and Toronto, you’ll need to pay a TTC fare in Toronto and a MiWay fare in Mississauga.

  • PRESTO payment: Tap your card when you board the bus in Toronto and tap your card when you exit in Mississauga.
  • Cash payment: If you are paying cash, MiWay cannot give you change. You’ll need to pay the exact amount. Pay your TTC fare when you board in Toronto and pay your MiWay fare (cash fare $4.00 or MiWay Special Purpose Ticket) when you exit in Mississauga. The TTC Transit Operator will issue a special transfer. Show this special transfer to a MiWay Transit Operator when you board a MiWay bus in Mississauga.