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MiWay Five Transit Service Plan

The MiWay Five Transit Service Plan (2016-2020) is moving Mississauga’s transit system from a design that radiates from the city centre to a grid network. This allows for more frequent and direct service along main roads.

As part of the transit service plan, every six to eight weeks we schedule service updates on different routes.

These updates mean:

  • Enhanced grid network to provide stronger corridors
  • More frequent service on main corridors
  • More service outside of weekday rush hours
  • More express service between key destinations
  • Integration with the Mississauga Transitway
  • Direct connections between major transit hubs
  • Improved connections with GO stations
  • Improved service to major employment areas
  • Improved service to colleges and universities
  • Improved connections to neighbouring communities

Every year since the launch of MiWay Five in 2016, we host public information sessions about the upcoming annual service plan to ask the community for feedback on recommended route changes.

Before we implement the annual service plan, we analyze this feedback as well as patterns in transit ridership throughout the year. This analysis helps us to make adjustments to the plan during the year to best serve our customers.

Proposed route network map

This map shows MiWay’s proposed transit network once service plans have been fully implemented.


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