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MiWay Five Transit Service Plan

MiWay has successfully completed its first five year plan (2016-2020) which focused on moving Mississauga’s transit system from a design that radiates from the city centre to a grid network. This allowed for more frequent and direct service along main roads.

Our next five year plan will guide the refinement and expansion of the City’s transit network. Its main goal is to continue growing the system and improving connectivity to deliver a transit service that will be fast, efficient, attractive and easy to use.

To achieve this goal, we will be reviewing our existing service, building on the framework created by the last service plan, and explore options for improvements to make transit an even more convenient choice in Mississauga. Once completed, the plan will set the stage for future transit improvements and expansion.

MiWay ‘Next Five’ Plan Objectives

Build on the Existing Network 

  • Expand the MiExpress network, strengthening core and community oriented services.
  • Re-align routes in order to focus on the core network to grow ridership and reduce service duplication.
  • Align MiWay services to support and integrate with the future Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT) line.
  • Expand hours of service throughout the week in response to growing ridership demand.
  • Improve service to major terminals as identified in the MiWay Infrastructure Growth Plan (MIGP) and the City’s Planning strategies projects.

Integrate and Strengthen Connections 

  • Improve service to major employment areas, responding to areas of ridership growth.
  • Align services with MiWay’s Infrastructure Growth Plan (MIGP) initiatives.
  • Enhance inter-regional connections.
  • Connect to higher order services (Express Routes, Light Rail Transit services, GO Trains).
  • Integrate with neighbouring service providers (Oakville, Brampton, Toronto, Metrolinx).
  • Integrate and improve connections at major mobility hubs like the future Toronto Pearson Airport Regional Transit Centre.

Enhance the Customer Experience and Service Delivery

  • Enhance the customer experience for existing riders and earn the trust of new and choice riders by providing reliable services and improving stop and terminal infrastructure to make transit easier.
  • Review the feasibility of new and innovative strategies for service delivery aimed at optimizing resources and improving the efficiency of service delivery to both new and evolving service areas.

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