8 things to know about our new website

We’ve redeveloped and redesigned our new website to better help transit riders every day. On Jan. 30, 2020, we launched a beta for testing, and we’ll be listening to customer feedback before fully transitioning to the new site by March 31. As of this date, the old website and old trip planner will no longer be available.

Not to worry loyal transit riders! Our new site has many new features. Here’s a short list to explain more about it.

1. Our new website is part of a key City initiative.

The City is redesigning and reimagining the entire City of Mississauga website and the way that it manages online experiences with customers. The approach is more methodical, evidence-based and highly customer focused. We’ve adopted this approach to better align with our customers’ online needs.

2. The site reflects the City’s new design principles and research-based decisions.

The City’s newly developed design principles aim to standardize the online experience across Mississauga.ca to ensure it’s consistent and complies with web standards.

To better understand our online transit customers’ needs, research was completed throughout the development process; our methods included examining MiWay customer satisfaction surveys, UX (user experience) surveys (top tasks and tree testing), website performance and search result data, MiWay customer service trends, industry benchmarking and conducting in-person testing.

3. The trip planner goes beyond Mississauga borders and you can download it as an app.

We’ve integrated Triplinx, an online trip planner developed by Metrolinx in collaboration with various transit systems. It offers:

  • GTHA transit agency information
  • Multimodal integration (cycling, bus, walking, etc.)
  • Interactive maps including stop information and real-time bus updates
  • An Android app, iPhone app, and responsive website

We know that many customers also use Google and Transit App; Triplinx functions using the same open data feed that MiWay makes available online.

4. MiWay information is easy to navigate and search

We’ve made it easier for customers to quickly find the information they’re looking for most often. We also have a new dedicated search for MiWay that prioritizes popular topics such as routes and schedules.

5. The content is written in plain language.

Content on the site is written from a customer’s perspective to make it as relevant and helpful as possible. Technical jargon and confusing explanations have been removed.

6. The site is accessible for people of all abilities.

Accessibility is a priority for the City and all elements of the new site aim to comply with the WCAG 2.0 AA standard.

7. The site adapts to your preferred device – whether that’s a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

The new site, including the Triplinx trip planner, is responsive and delivers a seamless online experience across devices.

8. We’re encouraging customer feedback for continuous improvement.

There is a feedback button at the bottom of every page for you to share your thoughts. We want to hear from you so we can continue to make the site even better!

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