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Seed libraries

Grow your own vegetables, herbs and plants at home with borrowed seeds from the library. All of our seeds are organic and non-GMO and are stored in small pre-filled envelopes.

Visit the seed libraries in Port Credit Library or Lorne Park Library and choose what variety of seeds you want. Fill out the membership form and bring it to the library staff on your way out.

View the Port Credit Library Pollinator Garden featuring flowers, ornamental grasses and shrubs to attract bees, butterflies and other pollinators by providing a source of food and shelter.

Add to the seed library

When the growing season is over, you can harvest your seeds and return a portion of them to the Library.

Place the seeds you’re going to return into an envelope or bag and label them with the seed name, year of harvest, and any tips you’d like to share. Drop them off at the service counter and we’ll add them to the collection for other people to borrow them.


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