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Land Development budget

Land Development services make up 3% of the City’s total budget. In 2019, the City increased Land Development’s budget by 0.2 million dollars.

Download a copy of the previous Land Development budget.


To provide strategic, long-term planning and high-quality customer service to ensure the health, safety and well-being of the public. We will do this by facilitating legislated approval processes, creating policies and plans, processing development applications and building permits and carrying out building inspections.

The services we provide

  • Conduct development and design studies
  • Create urban design and built-form visions for the city
  • Develop strategic land use plans
  • Engage with the community in the strategic and land use planning process
  • Forecast population and employment
  • Provide planning opinions and customer information
  • Review and approve development applications
  • Review building permit applications and issue permits
  • Undertake building permit inspections and enforcement
  • Undertake long-range and community land use planning

Interesting facts about this service

  • The Land Development Services Area coordinates planning efforts across the Corporation to ensure alignment with the Provincial Growth Plan, Strategic Plan, Mississauga Official Plan and the Zoning By-law
  • Approximately $1.5 billion in construction permit value annually
  • Approximately 4,000 building permit applications are processed annually
  • Approximately 79,000 building, plumbing, heating and sign inspections are carried out annually
  • 85 community meetings were held in 2017
  • The Land Development Services Area supports and leads community engagement consistent with the City’s Community Engagement Strategy
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