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Facilities and Property Management budget

Facilities and Property Management’s services make up 3% of the City’s total budget. In 2020, the City increased Facilities and Property Management’s budget by 1.4 million dollars.

Download a copy of the Facilities and Property Management budget.


To optimize our in house expertise in property management excellence to sustain the City’s infrastructure. We collaborate with our partners in delivering front line services to our citizens while maintaining respect for the public tax dollar.

The services we provide

Facilities & Property Management provides expertise in property, asset and project management to maintain the City’s infrastructure and support the safety and security of the public and City staff.

We provide support to the Corporation in the following areas:

  • Building services and operations
  • Capital planning and asset management
  • Energy management
  • Facilities development and accessibility
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Realty services
  • Security services

Interesting facts about this service

  • Responsible for City owned and leased buildings and site
    infrastructure amounting to 5.6 million square feet
  • Responsible for over 30,000 facility systems requiring
    approximately 24,200 annual work requests related to
    building and site maintenance and operations
  • In 2018, saved over $85,000 in energy and water costs
  • In 2018, received $198,500 in grant incentives to implement
    energy conservation projects
  • In 2018, administered 199 land appraisals for a combined
    land value in excess of $618 million
  • In 2018, produced 2,466 photo ID badges and conducted
    40,354 patrols (facilities and transit system)
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