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Culture budget

Culture’s services make up 1.3% of the City’s total budget. In 2020, the City increased Culture’s budget by 0.1 million dollars.

Download a copy of the Culture budget.


To grow and support the creative sector, deliver cultural services and enable high quality cultural experiences.

The services we provide

The Culture Division has four sections: Culture Services, Culture and Heritage Planning, Museums & Small Arms Inspection Building, and Celebration Square, Meadowvale Theatre and Culture Technical Services.

  • Culture Services supports growth of the film and television industry in Mississauga and delivers community development, arts and culture programs, grants and marketing.
  • Culture and Heritage Planning is responsible for heritage planning, culture planning, public art, policy development and research.
  • Culture facilities are managed within two sections: Museums
    (Bradley, Benares, and Leslie Log House) and the Small Arms
    Inspection Building; and Meadowvale Theatre and Celebration
    Square. Culture Technical Services provides audio, video and
    lighting production services at these facilities, in addition to
    Paramount Fine Foods Centre (which is operated by the
    Recreation Division)

Interesting facts about this service

  • Over 4.5 million people have visited Celebration Square
    events since its opening in 2011
  • Creative Classes and Camps saw almost 4,700 participants
    in over 700 programs in 2018
  • Meadowvale Theatre hosted 131 performances and activities
    in 2018
  • There were more than 26,000 visitors to Museums in 2018
  • There were 1,205 filming days in Mississauga with 234
    permits issued in 2018 (the highest ever)
  • There are 52 pieces of City-owned public art in Mississauga;
    22 are permanent pieces
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