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City Manager’s Office budget

The City Manager’s Office makes up 1.5% of the City’s total budget. In 2019, the City decreased the City Manager’s Office budget by 0.2 million dollars.

Download a copy of the previous City Manager’s Office budget.


To lead, support and promote innovation, collaboration, accountability and partnerships. We drive performance excellence across the organization, lead by example in strategic risk taking and ensure the City’s long-term prosperity is protected.

The services we provide

  • Strategic Leadership, Economic Development, Internal Audit and Legal Service
  • The City Manager’s Office (CMO) co-ordinates efforts across all five City departments to ensure alignment with all of the City’s key plans, including the Strategic Plan, the City Business Plan, the Economic Development Strategy and Corporate Policies.

Interesting facts about this service

  • The Economic Development Office (EDO) supports Mississauga’s business community of more than 90,780 businesses. In 2018, Site Selection Magazine ranked Mississauga’s Economic Development Office in Canada’s Top 10 Economic Development Groups.
  • Legal Services is leading the City-wide project to bring all departments into compliance with the new Construction Act. Legal Services has also revised all City Development, Service and Site Plan Agreements to streamline language and increase efficiency.
  • Internal Audit has a unique reporting structure that allows its staff to operate independently and reinforces impartiality when conducting audits. Last year, 100% of Audit Recommendations were accepted.
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