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Business Services budget

Business services make up 4% of the City’s total budget. In 2020, the City increased the business services budget by 1.3 million dollars.

Download a copy of the Business Service budget.


To enable the delivery of excellent public service by providing advice, expertise and essential support. We work with all business units across the organization to allow services to be delivered to residents and businesses in the most cost-effective, innovative and efficient manner.

The services we provide

Business Services includes five interrelated teams within the City of Mississauga including Human Resources (HR), Finance, Strategic Communications, Corporate Performance and Innovation (CPI), and Revenue and Materiel Management. Together these teams partner with all divisions across the organization to:

  • Enable planning and executing of organizational strategies including considerations for human resource, finances and revenue collection, procurement of goods and services, complete and timely information delivery and organizational training and development
  • Enable continuous transformation across the organization by being the agent that helps shape processes, content and culture that together improve the organization’s capacity for change
  • Work in a way that delivers administrative efficiencies that reduce cost while maintaining quality and service levels

Interesting facts about this service

  • Posted 556 jobs and processed 1,050 transfers and
    promotions in 2018
  • Issued almost 500,000 tax bills in 2018 collecting 97 per cent
    of the $1.66 billion in property taxes billed for the City,
    Region and School Boards
  •  Managed $799 million in reserves, achieving a 0.80 percentage-point investment yield in excess of benchmark
  •  Connected daily with 92,000 followers and friends on the
    City’s corporate Twitter and Facebook channels, and
    monthly with 33,000 subscribers via the City’s corporate
  • Provided 8,154 hours of continuous improvement training to
    1,927 staff in all five Departments
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